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Who Is Janice Dyson? Everything about John McAfee’s Wife

Janice Dyson – who is she? Have you heard about John McAfee? He is the pioneer of device security software and the late owner of the McAfee Organization. Janice is the wife of John McAfee. She wed the British software designer at the beginning of the decade, and they were together until his passing in 2021.

According to the consensus, she is McAfee’s devoted spouse. McAfee, Dyson’s deceased husband has developed antivirus software. The good thing about this program was it is able to detect any kind of malware by itself. While McAfee’s invention saved many people and contributed thousands of dollars to his direct deposit. It also made him the most prominent hacking target. He also occasionally fought with organizations that dealt with foreign law. Well, John has married Janice Dyson. And people are curious to know about her that who she is and where she is now after John died.

Who is the Wife of John McAfee, Janice Dayson?

John amassed wealth after creating his anti-virus system, but he has accused of committing murder in Belize. And he was Gregory Faull, John’s 54-year-old neighbor. And he has killed in 2012. According to the reports, John had charged by Belizean authorities.

McAfee flew to Guatemala to disappear. Thus, he resided there for a month before becoming returned to the US after being caught illegally entering the nation.

John insisted he was innocent and was never accused of the alleged crime. He thought the Belizean authorities, which maintained that the Sinaloa cartel controlled them, had set him up. However, John and Janice met in a beachside cafe. And was the time of almost one month later after his deportation to his country. A friend provided him with a sizable amount of $5 bills. And he gave all the money to Janice.

John produced a bundle of cash similar to the amount he used to engage Janice as his nighttime companion during his appearance with ABC 20/20. 2013 saw their marriage and their relocation to Lexington, Tennessee. After becoming involved in forced prostitution for years, John rescued Janice from a vicious boyfriend. She was capable of reconciliation with her kids after her marriage. Janice asserted that they have forced to monitor John during the initial twenty months of their partnership in order to provide her husband with details.

Janice was unaware of John or his riches when they initially met. But her boyfriend, who has employed by the Esteem that has sometimes associated with cartel lords, did and asked her to disclose any information about John’s whereabouts. This persisted even after their 2013 wedding; Janice has adored her spouse but has terrified of him disrespecting her.

Where is Janice Dayson Now?

It’s thought that Janice Dayson the wife of McAfee John. She is still alive. And according to the resource, she is living in Spain. Unfortunately, her husband John McAfee passed away in June 2021. According to an Instagram story she made expressing concern that her life would in danger if she left the country. Her presumed current location has undetermined.

However, the research into John’s death resumes its repetitively slow crawl to a finish. And keeping me in Spain because authorities can’t reveal John’s belongings again until the inquiry is over, she said. This supposedly follows protocol. Naturally, the prolonged investigation has intended to prevent us from learning what transpired to John, and I think it has also intended to keep me in Spain. She must continue to reside in Spain, as it has noted on Twitter that this phase of the inquiry will take place in September 2022. She wrote, “Since John’s passing there has the effort to assure I would not survive it to my forthcoming birthday. However I suppose the overarching goal is to secure that I do not depart Spain alive,” beside a serene photo of the beach on December 10, 2021.

McAfee John and Janice Dyson have Married for how long?

For eight years, John and Janice McAfee have married. The union has solemnized in 2013. And this love and togetherness go to an end it lasted till John’s passing in 2021.

On her Instagram profile, Janice shared her astonishment and anguish over her husband’s unexpected passing. The grieving wife later wrote, Thirty days today. I’m still in shock that he’s gone. I hope that isn’t the case every morning when I wake up and that it was all just a crazy nightmare. It wasn’t to be. You are sorely missed, John. She has consistently insisted that her spouse would not have committed suicide.

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