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Bodhi Ransom Green: Everything About Megan Fox’s Son

Do you know who Bodhi Ransom Green is? Undoubtedly, he is a very cute and lovely boy. Well, Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of famous American celebrities Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. However, his parents, both father and mother very well know actors in America. He is regarded as one of the cutest celebrity babies and resembles a young Megan Fox. Because Megan Fox occasionally shares images of her son on Instagram, he has won over the hearts of all. Megan, a Buddhist, called him her spiritual inspiration.

The meaning of the word “bodhi,” which has its roots in the Buddhist ideal of a more thorough comprehension of the world, is awake or enlightened. Despite their best efforts to protect him from the media because he is very younger yet. His parents have already made him famous because of their enormous success.

Bodhi Ransom Green Bio or Early Life

Bodhi Ransom Green Bio or Early Life

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of a famous celebrity in America. Megan Fox is his mother and Brain Austin Green is his father. They welcomed Bodhi Green on February 12, 2014. Whereas, his birth has taken place in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Whereas, Bodhi Green is the second child of a famous celebrity couple.  He shares a home with his two siblings, who are also his caregivers.

Whereas he has two siblings and they are brothers. One is Noah Shannon Green, he is older than Bodhi Green. And the second one is River Green and he is his younger brother. In addition, Bodhi has a stepbrother named Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, who has created during his father’s first union with Vanessa Marcil. The word “bodhi,” which derives from the Buddhist ideal of better awareness of the world, implies “enlightened” or “awake.”

However, Bodhi Ransom Green was born in February 2014 but Megan fox has made him public in May 2014.

As Bodhi and his other siblings have their own signature fashion style and they have long hair. Therefore, they have faced a lot of bullying. People have on occasion made fun of him and his siblings for having feminine appearances.

Bodhi Ransom’s Parents Relationship

The beautiful couple chose to begin a romantic relationship after a short period of dating. Thus, Megan and Austin got engaged in 2006. Tragically, they did experience some difficulties in their relationship. Thus, because of this, both of them took a brief break in November 2006. They took the plunge on June 1, 2010, after a little respite.

On June 24, 2010, Megan and Austin were united in marriage after walking down the aisle. They are the wonderful parents of three children. The couple split in December 2021. Well after their separation, Megan Fox is dating Machine Gun Kelly. On the contrary hand, Megan filed for divorce in August 2015, asking for joint parenting of their two sons.

Prior to getting together with Megan Fox, Brian dated Tiffani Thiessen from 1992 to 1995. And as well as Vanessa Marcil from July 2001 to 2003. And Brain Green and his girlfriend Vanessa gave birth to their son Kassie’s Lilah Marcil-Green in 2002.

Then, following her divorce, she requested shared custody of her kids. However, she and her ex-husband reached an understanding and chose joint custody. Bodhi, Noah, and Journey are living with their mother Megan, and they visit their father frequently.

Bodhi Ransom has been discussed because of the couple’s popularity and the separation process. Therefore, the journalists follow Megan Fox and her kids wherever they go to capture pictures of them. Fox has irritated by this, therefore she addressed the photographers and requested them to respect her family’s private life.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Net worth 

Bodhi is not accessible on any networks or social media in terms of his accessibility. On none of the social media platforms, he maintains a personal presence. The celebrity child is too young to utilize or have access to these social media platforms. In terms of his personal net worth, he currently has not begun his profession or any career thus he does not have any net worth.

But, his parents are financially secure. Megan, his mother, made a good living off of her supermodel and acting jobs. According to our investigation and resources, she has approximately 8 million US dollars of net worth. And his father also earns a sizable amount of money, thus according to online resources. He has loved by his family, who help him out.

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