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Who Is Kristin Grannis — Meet Jamie Foxx’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Known the untold and amazing life aspects of Jamie Foxx’s ex-girlfriend, Kristin Grannis. They had a short-lived marriage and had a daughter jointly. Each of us had never aware of Kristin before the year 2017.

Since that day, Kristin has generated a lot of interest in the media. What is the name of Jamie’s ex-girlfriend, with those he even had wedding plans? In this article, we’ll set out every piece of intriguing information about Kristin Grannis. Such as her age, occupation, net worth, relationship, and much more!

Who are Kristin Grannis and Her Age? 

She was brought up in the United States after her birth on January 4th, 1977. Kristin is a resident of the United States and is of Caucasian origin. She is Richard Grannis and his wife’s child.

Similar to her old boyfriend Jamie, Kristin is not a popular personality. Therefore, details about her life, particularly her private life are not too available. In relation to her former boyfriend Jamie is a Terrell, Texas native. Well, people want to know about her age. According to her mentioned birth date, she is around 45 years old in her age.

Kristin Grannis Education

If we talk about her education, she is well qualified. Although, she did enroll in Antioch University in California following high school. She received her Master of Arts in 2012. Kristin is also a licensed family and relationship therapist.

Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx’s Relationship

Hollywood is rife with famous people who are extremely honest regarding personal relationships. Although there are those people who are particularly secretive about their romantic relationships. Jamie is a member of the latter. The fact that Jamie was capable of keeping his relationship with Kristin a closely-kept secret truly astounds us. Only ten years after the arrival of their child, in 2017, did we all learn that Kristin is Jamie’s biological mother.

Kristin and Jamie have been quite transparent since the major reveal. Even though they’re no longer dating, they still spend a lot of time together, particularly with their daughter.

Jamie and Kristin have a Daughter Together

They have a child and it’s her daughter. Whereas, her name is Annalise Bishop as a result of their marriage. On October 3rd, 2008, Kristin gave birth to her. Because he tended to keep things private, Jamie didn’t disclose any information to the public at the commencement of her delivery. Meanwhile, he has become much more approachable and frequently goes out together with her and his eldest daughter. Corrine Foxx, who has birthed on February 15, 1994. Connie Kline, his former partner and has shared Corrine.

Jamie is a great father who protects his daughters. Despite becoming a co-parent, he has continued to prioritize his responsibilities as a father, and his children have prospered much from all this.

Kristina Grannis’s Net Worth

She is not the kind of person who shows up. Actually, she is of reserved nature and she prefers to keep her life private. Therefore, we have not heard from her about her net worth in any interview. But according to our sources and research, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million. According to paparazzi. She was a counselor, which greatly increased her revenue.

In addition, Jamie, Kristina’s ex-boyfriend, also looks after her economically. She continues to live in the gorgeous $1.69 million mini bungalow in Agoura Hills, California, that he purchased for her. And it is about 4,192 square feet in the entire area of the building.

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The Career of Kristin Grannis’ Ex-husband

In 1989, Jamie Foxx has started his professional life by doing hang comedy. Foxx’s acting career commenced in 1991 when he chose to join the ensemble of the showtime TV show In Living Color. Foxx appeared in 95 episodes of the program.

As Baker in the fantastical comedic Toys, Jamie first made his acting next step in 1992. In 1994, Foxx published Peep. This his breakthrough studio album debuted at No. 78 on the US Billboard 200. He was hired as a football player in Any Given Sunday in 1999, which became his first significant film role.

He made his debut appearance in 1996 with The Jamie Foxx Show a program that ran from 1996 until 2001. He worked with famous people like Christopher Duncan, Garrett Morris, and Garcelle Beauvais.

it is difficult to volatile, the previous album Jamie released in 2005, began at No. 2 in the U.S. and reached the number chart before rising to No. 1. Perception, his latest album was released in 2008 and included well prominent rappers like Kanye West, T-Pain, and Fabolous. Its highest position on the US Billboard top chart was number 3.

His emergence into stardom as a performer came with his appearances in The Solonist and Miami Vice (2006). However, he made a number of films after that most recently Rio (2011), Django Unchained (2012), and White House Down (2013). He has worked with international luminaries and is a well-known actor and vocalist.

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