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Who Is Lee Najjar? An Easy Way To Find Out About Bio, Wife, Daughter & Net worth

Lee Najjar, also known as Big Poppa on the Bravo television reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta. He has a well-known real estate developer and reality TV celebrity.

From seasons 1 to 2, He has been in the spotlight as the sugar daddy of cast member Kim Zolciak. Lee had also appeared on the show. Also, he had given her several gifts.

Who Is Lee Najjar?

 There are a lot of details about Lee Najjar that you should know and this is the following.

Lee Najjar Bio

The exact birth date has not been confirmed but he has born in mid of 1970. He was born in the USA. As a result, he is of mixed ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Lee also keeps her personal life private from her fans. He respects his family’s privacy. Therefore, he has not disclosed too much information about his family. He also appears to be very reserved when it comes to his familial background. As a result, the public has kept in the dark about her father, mother, and siblings.

Lee Najjar Wife and Family

Kimberly Najjar is wife of Lee Najjar. Lee and Kimberly Najjar have been married for a long time. Despite this Lee has affair with the star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Undoubtedly, the couple has managed to live together. Although there have been rumors of their divorce, they are still married.

Lee Najjar Wife and Family
Lee Najar Family

He and his wife have two children. Jeremy Najjar is his son, while Lee Najjar daughter is Katelin Najjar. His son has married his girlfriend. Whereas, he has an unmarried daughter.  

Jeremey, like his father, is a real estate establishment and a businessman. He’s also the founder and CEO of Smash Entertainment Inc. this company is responsible to provide services in the amusement sector. On the other hand, his daughter is a socialite. By profession, she is a blogger.

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Lee Najjar attended Pepperdine University after graduating from Nazareth Baptist High School.


  • He was a wealthy man. Before appearing in RHOA, he has a well-established real estate business.
  • He has appeared in a number of television productions. These were including the American TV series Real Housewives of Atlanta season 2.  In this he has played, ‘Big Poppa’, the sugar daddy of Kim Zolciak’s   Lee.
  • And his family was also featured on an episode of MTV Teen Cribs in 2009.

What about Lee Najjar Lifestyle?

He has showcased his luxurious lifestyle with a tour of a sprawling property on the show.

What about Lee Najjar Lifestyle?

 In his king-sized bed, he had two separate TVs. He also wore headsets to keep the couple away from fighting. A home theater, a music studio, a house salon, and a private spa were all available to the couple.

His home has consisted of nine bedrooms with 17 bathrooms. Also, a private spa was available with an Olympic-sized pool. As well, this house has seven kitchens.  

Lee Najjar Net Worth

According to o resources, Lee Najjar net worth has believed to be $50 million USD.

A major portion of his money, he has earned through his real estate business.

His multi-million-dollar income includes a stunning 33,000-square-foot house near Atlanta. The huge and well-designed estate was initially marketed for twenty-five million dollars, but Lee eventually reduced the price to 13.8 million dollars.

Lee Social Media Details

He is available on different social media platforms. For instance, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, Her Instagram account has 11:4K followers. She has an Instagram with the name ” katelin_najjar”. On the other hand, Najjar has a Twitter account that is personal.

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