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Do You Wish To Know All About Aileen Getty 2022?

Of course, you’d be correct if you thought that Aileen Getty was a member of the Getty family. The Getty family is immensely wealthy at that time. Here we will discuss the all details about her family. For instance, about her bio, net worth, family, profession, and many more things. All details about her are the following.

Who is Aileen Getty?

Firstly, Aileen Getty, 62, is the granddaughter of J Paul Getty, who was once known as America’s richest man. Her birth date is July 14, 1957.

Aileen Getty

Aileen’s father’s name is Sir Paul Getty.  Her mother’s name is Abigail Harris. She has four siblings. Her siblings’ names are, Ariadne Getty, Tara Gabriel Galaxy, John Paul Getty III, and Mark Getty.

She has immensely worked on Tim Leary. And this is also a reason for her popularity. Also, she has worked on many projects such as, The Art of Dying (2008), World in Action (1963), and Network First are among her credits (1994).

Getty Family

Paul Getty became the world’s richest man in the 1970s. Getty has married five times and had five children. His son’s second wife died of a drug overdose. And his son has kidnapped by Italian gangsters in 1973. The gangsters had demanded a $17 million ransom. And only let him go after mailing his severed ear to a newspaper.

Getty, who died in 1976, the most of his wealth to the Getty Museum. But through a trust with Getty Oil interests, his children inherited billions.

How Getty Family become Rich?

J. Paul Getty solidified his empire in the United States and signed an amazing oil contract with Saudi Arabia in the 1960s and 1970s. Consequently, they become the world’s richest men at that time.

Aileen Getty Net Worth

Currently, she is working for the Aileen Getty Foundation. There are only a few data about her occupation. According to poz.com, she has meant to be a partial successor of her paternal family, which is worth $750 million. In 1996, the article had published. There are few facts about her net worth or property holdings. However, it appears to be a sufficient amount to live a reasonable life with good qualities.

Aileen Getty Marriages

She got HIV through an adulterous relationship. Before getting clean in 1996, Aileen had many drug overdoses.

  • Then in 1990, she revealed her second marriage to a young man. That man’s name was Scott Padilla. Whom she met in her most recent treatment facility. Aileen was found unconscious the next day. However, after the couple arrived back from their honeymoon. Her second marriage was broken as well.
  • Further, in November 2004, she married Bartolomeo.

The Aileen Getty Foundation

As Aileen Getty was also suffering from AIDs because of her family relationships. Then she established an organization with the name “The Aileen Getty Foundation”.

The Aileen Getty Foundation is a non-profit organization named after Aileen Getty. In 2013, she started the organization. It focuses on assisting different organizations and people. The organization’s major goal is to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. It also advocates on behalf of AIDS patients.

The organization has been closely involved in climate change awareness. And as well as planning for the “Climate Emergency Fund.” A community for cooperation has also been developed by the organization. In 2005, she founded “Gettlove,” an organization dedicated to reacting to empathy and kindness.

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