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Action Camera Flashlight: The Need For Professional Photography

Want to take your action camera underwater? Or just want to use it to make some nighttime videos? Investing in an action camera flashlight can help you get a lot more out of your camera.

Purchasing a flashlight for an action camera might be difficult. Also, there are far too many low-cost, low-quality products on the market. So, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Also, there is some action camera that does not provide a flashlight facility. Consequently, a flashlight is extremely beneficial to have on an action camera. As it is often the only way you will be able to see well in darkness or underwater.

What is Action Camera Flashlight? 

An action camera flashlight is an LED light that we use in a different way. For instance, in combination with an action camera or as a stand-alone light.

Therefore, the average action camera flashlight produces around 300 LEDs. Consequently, it is bright enough to capture good footage. Also, action camera flashlights have been designed to work underwater, and can often utilize for 30-50 meters.

However, the flashlight is frequently fixed on the camera. So, you have enough light for your video at all times. As result, the best action camera flashlights have a bright white light that may endure for hours. These work with long-lasting batteries.

Best Guidelines before Buying an Action Camera Flashlight

However, before buying an action camera flashlight must verify these things. The important point is the following.

Dimensions and weight

If you plan to install it alongside the camera, this is essential.

Luminance or beam strength

It has required for underwater applications. For other general-purpose applications, Luminance is more significant. Luminance will help you to shoot underwater and at night.

X-Sync Speed

The X-sync speed is the quickest shutter speed that may be configured on a camera. You can obtain higher speeds by using the hi-speed option on the flash/camera and using it at faster shutter rates. The majority of cameras have an x-sync speed of 1/200 or 1/250.

Weatherproofing and/or waterproofing

Action cameras are frequently exposed to poor weather and have also been utilized underwater. You must choose the appropriate light for your camera.

Battery Life

External battery support and lengthy battery life are very important. So, you can shoot for longer periods of time.


There are a lot of low-cost, low-quality products on the market. The majority of decent lights cost between $30 and $70.

Top 5 Action Camera Flashlight

The list of top action camera flashlights is following.

1: Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light

Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light
  1. Excellent underwater lighting Nikon SLR camera for Canon SLR camera
  2. 50M/164ft Waterproof. Underwater lights are waterproof up to 50 meters (164 feet).
  3. This is a built-in Lithium battery.  You can utilize the 2600mAh lithium battery and the Micro USB port.

2: Neewer 20 LED Dimmable Flash Light

Action Camera Flashlight
  1. This is Waterproof to 131 feet/40 meters. So, to verify you can put it to the test.
  2. There are three color filters included. Color filters in white, orange, and purple satisfy your needs.
  3. 5500K 20 LEDs, wide-angle, 700 lumens max. High/low light, and three lighting modes

3: ULANZI LED Video Light

ULANZI LED Video Light
  1. It is a New, Smoother Upgrade version. Make improvements to the soft light board based on older models.
  2. It uses a Lithium-ion battery with a 2000mAh capacity. The built-in lithium battery with high capacity and charging is super cool.
  3. It has the feature of Adjustable Color Temperature. It can use 5500K Color temperature to display natural light’s beauty.

4: HONGDAK Dimmable LED Video Night Light

HONGDAK Dimmable LED Video Night Light
  1. This is Compatible with Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  2. Also, provide Wide Angle Lighting – At 400 Lumens. Consequently, this light mount glows at a wide angle.
  3. Also, this is multi-Functional. This Fill Night Light may be used for hiking, camping, and even underwater.

5: GOPOLE Flare

  1. It provides an output of 300 lumens.
  2. As well, it is waterproof to 98’/30m.
  3. Consequently, it is available in three modes that are 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and flash.


In conclusion, flashlight action cameras may create different points of view. However, they have transformed the videography sector. So, to present diverse perspectives of the scene, action cameras can be placed in a variety of interesting ways. 

On the other hand, action cameras fulfill the lack the low-light capabilities of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Also, they don’t support high ISO. This means the footage can become extremely grainy and useless. Therefore, the only method to give your action camera low-light capability is to use a flashlight.

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