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Pretty Scale: Easily Find Out Is It TrustWorthy And Accurate?

Do you want to know how attractive or ugly you are? There are a lot of websites that claim to be able to tell you that. Pretty Scale is one of them. According to this, you can measure your beauty with am I pretty test. And it gives users a scale to evaluate their beauty. In this era of time, everyone wants to look perfect. Also, people are gradually becoming very obsessive about their looks. People today have very concerned about their appearance, which has led to the creation of such websites.

You no need to worry. Today we will fully investigate the website. Also, we will make sure to offer you all the necessary information. The website’s positive and negative aspects, as well as how useful it is in today’s world. Also, is it a trustworthy website or not. 

So, get ready. This is going to be very interesting and informative.

What is Pretty Scale?

Pretty Scale is the website that offers a measuring scale for your beauty. By using your image it measures all the features of your face. For measuring your beauty it has drawn criteria. According to that criteria, it analyzes your beauty.

It claims to have a beauty calculation built into its computer system. And it can determine how attractive or unattractive your face and body are. It advises persons with low self-esteem not to take the exam since they may be surprised by the results. They request that you upload your photo and claim that it is not shared or saved in their system.

Specifications about Pretty Scale

There are some specifications that the pretty scale provides its users. The specifications about the pretty scale are following.

  • This is an online beauty calculator based website
  • This website has established by the
  •  United State of America
  • Any fee for the test does not require. It is free at all.
  • The pretty scale has an embedded system to measure the criteria.
  • It shows results about beauty in percentage.
  • Privacy policies are available here.

Is Pretty Scale Accurate and Trustworthy?

Now, let’s discuss some aspects that will really help you to understand is pretty the scale shows accurate results or not. These aspects are the following.

Insufficient measurements

Prettyscale asks you to draw dots on your face. Also, gives you the impression that they’re experts.

Prettyscale measurements are not enough to measure your nose demonstration.  So, it is not capturing you in any detail. Some major aspects directly affect your beauty and your appearance. These are your hair and teeth.

Prettyscale doesn’t care if your teeth are clean or rotten. Also, if your eyes are covered with boils. As well, your hair has been properly styled or messy. If you’re wearing bird feathers instead of skin. So, Pretty Scale does not focus on these aspects.

Use of Images

Prettyscale is inaccurate since it is based on images. And what you appear in a photograph is not always the same as that how you look in real life. Because when you take any picture through your camera maybe you have fixed some filters. Therefore, the image will not same as you are in real.  

For instance, a camera can magnify the size of one’s forehead, nose, or chin, making them appear larger than they are. However, you can make your face appear longer or shorter.

Assuming Symmetry is Everything

Prettyscale operates as if symmetry is the only factor that decides whether someone is attractive or not. The truth is that symmetry doesn’t matter. Otherwise, many models, artists, and actresses would fail terribly in this test.


In conclusion, the Pretty Scale website is a beauty calculator that may also be used for entertainment purposes only. As you are doing am I pretty test. There’s no guarantee that the parameters they employ are accurate or trustworthy. Either it will describe the major your attractiveness or ugliness.

As a result, we suggest that you try it out and utilize it for entertainment purposes solely, rather than judging yourself based on the results. Inner beauty is significantly more vital and superior to outside appearance or attractiveness.

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