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Evan Hafer: Want To Know About The Founder Of Black Rifle Coffee Company?

Firstly, a short introduction about Evan Hafer. He is a person who is the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s founder and CEO. The topmost Veteran-owned and operated premium small-batch coffee roastery in the United States. He founded the Black Rifle Coffee Company. The purpose was to serve the pro-American and military groups with high-quality coffee.

According to Black Rifle Coffee creator Evan Hafer. SPAC will allow the company to continue to commit to hiring tens of millions of veterans. Several businesses are allegedly investing $5.9 million in their charity funds. “There are some fairly distinct mission-oriented objectives,” Evan Hafer remarked. “I intend to have over 1000 wheelchairs available for physically disabled military troops.” The company claimed online sales a year higher than the rest of the coffee industry.

What Did Evan Hafer Do?

What Did Evan Hafer Do?

Secondly, what is their job? Evan Hafer has instructed the journalists. To train how to survive in a difficult time for the country’s protection. For instance, he served in different zones. Such as conflict zones, commanding African Contingency Operations, and trained indigenous forces. The purpose of these is to protect their countries. When he was in the army they carried out many security operations.

Where did Evan Hafer Grow Up?

Thirdly, let’s discuss his back history. He has grown up in a small, rural community in northern Idaho. It was a logging village with two mills and roughly 800 people. Logging was the foundation of their political prosperity. When he grew up, nobody in and around his family was somehow connected to the forest products industry.

Evan Hafer Life and Education

We have not known his exact birth date. But he has born in Idaho.  He is married and his wife’s name is Kate Hafer. However, according to his military history, he must be 45- 50 years. He has spent almost 20 years of his life in the US serving the military. He has preferred to keep his life private because of his association with the US military. Moreover, according to some resources, he belongs to the Jewish religion.

Did Evan Hafer Serve in the Special Forces?

During his nearly 20 years of service, he has refined the art of roasting and making coffee. The US Army Special Forces and the BRCCs, are the most popular among service members.

The Backstory to Black Rifle Coffee?

The Backstory to Black Rifle Coffee?

Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret, launched the firm in December 2014. He started by selling his “Freedom Roast” coffee on a friend’s clothing website. Because the coffee was so popular. Evan Hafer has created his brand and website. He wants to sell his coffee and branded accessories with his brand.

Was Evan Hafer a Member of the Green Berets?

“It smells like Black Rifle Coffee”, says Evan Hafer, a Green Beret soldier and business owner (BRCC). Hafer knows coffee as well as he understands the danger. So, he has served in many dangerous points in Special Forces as a defense contractor.

Where is the Black Rifle Coffee Company Headquarters?

The Black Rifle Coffee Company headquarter is in Salt Lake City. This is the state’s main city of Utah and the center of Salt Lake County. This is the state’s most popular county. The city is the centerpiece of the Salt Lake City metropolitan region. This has a population of 1,257,936 people in 2020.

Evan Hafer Net worth

Evan’s net worth is currently increasing. According to web data, his company’s total gross sales in 2019 were $80 million. It was a significant increase from the $30 million in revenue in 2018. Although the actual amount is unknown, his net worth is estimated to be $500,000. The sum is calculated using his company’s earnings. However, his military experience has undoubtedly earned him a substantial chunk of money.
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His business competes with Starbucks. It is the world’s largest coffee retailer. BRCC roasts around 500,000 pounds of coffee each year.

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