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What is xResolver? Quickly Want To Learn Top 5 xResolver Alternatives

Are you looking up what xResolver? Nothing is more upsetting than sitting down to play an online game and realizing you’re playing with a hacker. When you join public online gaming sessions, your IP address may be revealed to other players. As result, they can target you in DDoS attacks. Also, they can remove you from the game. It could also suggest that your data has been hacked and made public. Sites like xResolver, claim to contain the public IP addresses and Gamertags of thousands of unprotected players. The other name of xResolver is Xbox IP puller.

Before we go into the details of what xResolver performs. Firstly, we should talk about why it exists. Also, how to use the xResolver Xbox. What is the registration process at at last, what are the xResolver alternatives, and many more?

What is xResolver?

xResolver is a website that converts player codes and usernames from Xbox and PlayStation into usable IP format. It’s essentially a database service that stores the codes and IP addresses of Xbox, PSN, and computer gaming players.

What is xResolver?

The IP grabber algorithm helps to grab the information about players. For instance, IP address, username, geolocation, Internet information, etc. The Xresolver is a database with an algorithm for getting IP addresses. This Xresolver help to reduce the number of times you’re in the presence of a hacker.

However, it provides a service in which a player can pay a fee to delete their IP address from the record for a long time. 

How to Use the xResolver?

Using Xresolver is not a difficult task. Its dashboard is very simple even a beginner can also play this.  If you’re not sure how to use it, we are going to guide you with some simple steps. These are the following.

  1. Visit “” for more information.
  2. Select Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver from the left sidebar.
  3. Simply enter your “Xbox Gamer tag” to get a unique IP address, or simply type “IP address” to restore to the Xbox gamer tag.
  4. You’re done! Press the “Resolve” button.

Top 5 xResolver Alternatives

Following are the alternatives of xResolver.

1. OctoSniff

OctoSniff - xResolver

OctoSniff is a website that extracts usernames from packets and then it decrypts them. It connects an IP address with a username in PlayStation games. This allows you to recover packets from Xbox games. This is suitable with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, and Windows.

2. ConsoleSniffer


Console sniffer is a console network research and monitoring tool. If you’re a gamer, you can use it to see your competitors’ usernames and IP addresses. This software records the usernames and IP addresses of the opposite player.

3. XboxReplay

XboxReplay - xResolver

One of the quickest methods to find all of your shared Xbox movies and screenshots is to use XboxReplay. It allows you to watch, share, and download the best available Game DVR material to another one. However, xboxReplay is open-source software. Also, it has very few advertisements. It allows you to quickly share and expand your Game DVR.

4. PS4 Booster

PS4 Booster - xResolver

This website follows the identical booting approach as, Xboxonebooter. For PS4 players, it grabs, pulls, and boots IP addresses. This PS4 booter shows you how to take people off your PS4 system.

5. Psychocoding


It’s a VPN service provider, similar to XResolver. Also, it helps to get key information from other participants. Dynamic Xbox filters, packet filters, and DDoS prevention are all included in Psychocoding. You can get all of the crucial information by using this.

For instance, IP addresses, usernames, geolocation, and Internet Service Provider information of the other players. Apart from Xbox, the IP puller is also suitable for other gaming devices.

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